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Guitar Lessons


Elevate your musical skills!

Enhance your guitar proficiency with lessons from Sacra. A full scholarship recipient from Berklee College of Music, she offers high-quality instruction to help you master music theory and boost your guitar speed. Contact Sacra now for personalized lessons that will take your musical journey to the next level.



Sacra Victoria, a Berklee College of Music FULL SCHOLARSHIP recipient, brings over 5 years of teaching experience to her guitar instruction. From young children to older adults, she imparts her vast knowledge and stage experience, coupled with a schooled perspective on technical theory. Sacra covers a range of guitar-related subjects, including music theory, technique, sweep picking, speed building, arpeggios, chords, harmony, improvisation and reading music. What sets her apart as an instructor is a teaching approach shaped by her own learning journey. Sacra builds a solid foundation from the ground up, addressing all aspects of theory and insuring a comprehensive understanding for her students. Whether you are a novice or seasoned player you, Sacra can help you see the fretboard in ways you never have! 

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Dave Hale

"Not only is Sacra Victoria a great teacher and mentor, she is also one of the most outstanding guitarists in the world and one of the most incredible people you'll ever meet! I'm proud to have her as my instructor." 

Jeff Varszegi

"Sacra is not only a kickass musician but an excellent teacher. I was surprised to find such a wealth of historical and theoretical knowledge, and she has kept me growing. Highly recommended--THE BEST!"

Mark Suli

"After feeling disillusioned by lessons from other teachers in the past, Sacra's ability to simplify music theory has been a game changer for me! I highly recommend Sacra to anyone who is looking to make significant progress in their guitar journey"


Nashville, TN 37203


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Nashville, TN

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