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The Beat Creeps

Unapologetic Garage Rock with a PUNK feel appeal to it!

Sacra Victoria electrifies the stage along side The Beat Creeps, igniting audiences across multiple states and venues, from Chattanooga and Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, and Huntsville AL. Their LIVE performances are a fusion of energy and raw authenticity, showcasing Sacra's versatility in rockabilly, punk guitar and beyond. She adds her unique flair by wielding a baseball bat using it as a slide on her guitar at the end of the show- a signature move of The Beat Creeps that amplifies their unapologetic style.

Abby K

Hard Rock Artist hailing from Nashville TN slaying the bass guitar and writing heavy, empowering Rock N Roll records

Sacra Victoria stepped in as a hired gun for Diego Vargas for Abby K's gigs in 2023, swiftly earning her place along side Abby K on stage. Their collaboration has taken them across multiple states and multiple venues, including Piedmont SC, Knoxville TN and Glassgow KY. Notably, Sacra made history by joining Abby on stage at Kid Rocks becoming part of the first all-female-band to grace Broadway Nashville in the last 2 decades. 

Lauren Freebird

a rock, americana, and alt country Nashville native artist cultivating a unique, sultry, gritty sound and female presence in both rock and country music.

Sacra Victoria's musical journey led her to cross paths with Lauren Freebird on Kid Rock's stage in Nashville, TN. Sacra was hired to join Lauren on her upcoming artist shows in 2024. These performances will take place at notable venues such as the Vinyl Lounge and The Eastside Bowl in Nashville, TN. Sacra's collaboration with Lauren not only expands her musical horizons but also diversifies her guitar technique, embracing styles beyond metal to include Americana, Alternative country and rock. 

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